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7th March 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.41 am, Friday 7th March, 2008
Subject: So It Begins
Security: Public
Location:Home, SE24
Woke as late as possible. Thought about breakfast, but not very hard. Late to work, not helped by the cidapilly line being pants. Spent all day uploading pics to flickr and formatting the appropriate posts. Which brings me to:

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to draw your attention to the posts tagged LentPuzzle2008. The puzzle is now live. Mirror will go up on protrait dot net as soon as is possible, along with a preambling post with details of how to submit solutions.

NK came by mountview today, which was lovely. I was in a foul mood for most of the day. Finished the first half of the puzzle (up until the end of February) which felt like an achievement. From work down to Holburn for Backbone's comedy night. First half was pretty good, but I had to leave in the interval. Good to see the old crew. Hopefully I'll see them all again soon. Home for a crossword trade.

Album of the day was Neil Young's Decade. This took me a long time to get into, but by the time I got home tonight I didn't want it to end. The way songs drift off into something completely unrelated and then snap back. Mixed very strangely, so it was often painful to listen to, and the stereo is very old school. Vocals kind of missed me. If anything a little slow. But I like it. I'll listen to this one again.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.38 pm, Friday 7th March, 2008
Subject: Day 31 of 47
Security: Public
Location:SW1W 8RH
Music:Everything/Everywhere - Clare and the Reasons
Day 31

Excitement is never far away in Mountview.
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