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24th February 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.01 am, Sunday 24th February, 2008
Subject: Backdated Berlin III
Security: Public
Location:Wöhlertstraße, Berlin
Left the flat by ten determined to make the most of my one morning off. Walked into town fascinated by the grafiti. Whenever I got bored, I turned and wondered in another direction. Found some wonderful buildings, several artists squats. Took a lot of photos which will say more than I could here, when they finally go up.

Wandered over the river to the Island of Museums and found the fantastic Trödelmarkt (flea market, which had such diverse things as walking sticks, military surplus, antique brass, and enormous piles of scary black rubber dildos, and that was just on one stall) which ran into the Kunstmarkt (art market, honest). Bought art. Came across some impressive buskers playing accordian and wine glasses and gave them money.

Meandered into town, but got quickly bored and meandered back out and took Karl-Marx-Allee to head east. Turned down Marchlewskistraße and was fascinated by the way the street was perfectly clean until about halfway down when it was suddenly covered in graffiti.

To team Temple to watch Anger for the first time. I'll scan the notes I made as it rattled past. It's a lovely little modular devised show about anger and greek mythology. As soon as the run was done, we packed up and took taxis to the Sophiensaele where we were playing in the main room. I think I scared the German techs by having no plan and us having given no specs on the tech sheet. Had two guys running up and down ladders refocusing frantically and another one on the desk. With ten minutes of get in left threw the guy off the desk and plotted subs. Ran the whole show manually, heart racing. The guys on stage rocked, and I like to think I helped. I nailed the Narcissus sequence, but screwed up the ending (which I think was also what the actors did).

To the bar, then to the cafe bit for our free soup, when I realised that it was breakfast. Stayed in the cafe to watch russki beat (who is on myspace somewhere). Talented beatbox artist doing kindof comedy set. Dressed fabulously with an amazing entourage.

Then back to the main space to see the other brit show about an obsessive compulsive. Not bad but too slow and needed development (as in narratologically). Then we sat in the bar and failed to see anything else. My last night in Berlin was a disappointment. Back to Wöhlertstraße. Pack. Sleep on sofa.

Album of the day was definitely the soundtrack of Anger, which rocked mightily, and I've listened to it a lot since. Apart from the Avro Part, I've no idea of any titles. I must email B at some point.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 2.06 am, Sunday 24th February, 2008
Subject: Day 19 of 47
Security: Public
Location:W4 2DH
Music:Nervous Song - Manuskript
Day 19

The inevitable self portrait.
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