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31st January 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.15 pm, Thursday 31st January, 2008
Subject: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley
Security: Public
Location:Cank Library, N22
Music:She Amazed Me - Rivo Drei
So much for writing more in this blog.

January has passed in a whirlwind of, well, work. After the delights of having a proper break for Christmas and the most delightful, if low key, New Year, I started back at work on the 4th as technical support for Improbable's Devoted and Disgruntled in Bethnal Green. It was lovely. Less passionate than I had hoped, but I came out having met some lovely new people, talked about thinks I wanted to talk about and generally feeling a whole lot more gruntled with the world. I heartily recommend anyone involved or interested in theatre to check out the monthly events at the Shunt Vaults.

Then more Theatre503. I Am A Superhero was the runner up of this year's Old Vic New Voices playwrighting competition. I have to say I was a little surprised. The concept is fine (a 12 year old girl decides to become a superhero to bring her family together again) but the script sags and waffles and flops about the place like a big bag full of goo. It would make a cracking 1hr 1 act Edinburgh show, but this was two hours with an interval. The cast were excellent, especially the woman playing the 11 year old boy.

Masque of the Red Death at the BAC was a resounding disappointment. I'd like to go again (not that there are any tickets left) but I can't see it going any better. The treasure hunt is an irritating distraction. I did come out repeating the words (and sentiments) of Poe, but possibly not in the way they intended.

Jaunt to WAC for It Came From Pilot. The Plasticine Men's Cargo (well performed, engaging, built on the idea of strange cults on desert islands, very funny, needs structuring), The Licensees' 10 Ways To Die On Stage (funny, moving, needs some odd loose ends neatening) and Action Hero's Western (funny, engaging, touching, needs me to see it more). Odd to take my parents to such an event. They seemed to enjoy it.

More Theatre503. Mad Funny Just is the winner of this year's Old Vic New Voices competition and is actually really good. A devised ensemble piece about what happens when somebody dies. It depicts the events from the news breaking to the funeral. A wonderful example of what devised theatre can be.

Burns Night was a cracker. Despite only remembering about it on the Tuesday morning, we still ended up having not only haggis, neeps and tatties, but also a recital of Swann's setting of Red Red Rose.

Any days not accounted for in the above, I was working in Mountview. It continues apace. I'll need to quit sooner or later, but I don't resent the job, only the time it takes up.

I'd such big plans for the year, and so far the world seems to be spinning past me. Apologies for the birthdays I missed (especially dear Nick's big one), shows I've missed, parties I've missed, gigs I've missed, people I've missed.

I remain,

as ever,

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