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That's a seven - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 2.00 am, Tuesday 18th March, 2008
Subject: That's a seven
Security: Public
Location:Home, SE24
After the most hideous journey to work (caused by someone being a bit ill on a train at finsbury park) I had a lovely day. Spent a good hour chatting about headshots to a third year. Booked some tickets at the ROH. Got some feedback on the puzzle so far. The last clue will be posted by midnight on Sunday, for anyone interested.

Failed to get out of work in time to see the show at the hen & chickens, but pootled home where housemates' leftovers made a meal fit for this king and I settled down for some work. I've just sat down and twiddled my fingers when the phone rings. Who'd a thunk it?

I've now just finished one of the silly jobs I didn't need to do, but it does feel good doing it. Time for bed for naughty Roberts.

Album of the day was Love and Rockets - Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven. My review to RTD was, quite simply, nice. A good soundtrack to the day.
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