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must sleep - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.47 am, Monday 3rd March, 2008
Subject: must sleep
Security: Public
Location:Home, SE24
Pack, bus, train, fayre, plums, dinner, pack, train, bus, curry. Last overtired post.

Album Nas, then New Brain, Lemony Snicket 2 and Brontosaurus.


Woke early. Packed literally as much as I could carry. 68 to Euston. Second train to Coventry. Met from the station by my mum, thankfully in the Shogun. Drive through some very beautiful scenery to go to a living history fayre. We shopped a bit. Mum doesn't need any more fabric. I don't need and more clothes. Whoops. Also bought what amounts to a DIY Sgian Dubh kit, having been thoroughly disappointed with the palstic touristy things I'd previously seen. Picked up some jerky on the way out. We like jerky.

From there to home and prepping my famous pudding and then to dine with family. RE is going travelling for eight months, so we were having a send off dinner.

From there to home and attempting to do all the jobs I could before going back to the station to catch the 21:47 back to Euston and the 68 home. Then a little of the leftovers from the dinner party I'd missed and bed. Definitely bed.

The album of the day was Illmatic by Nas. Widely regarded as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, this did nothing to me. It now sounds like the many pastiches of the form. And I'd listened twice through it by the time I got to Euston.

Then I listened through William Finn's a New Brain, which I'm liking a lot. I'd heard a lot of it before, but I finally had time to listen straight through and catch the plot. I love Heart and Music and I'd Rather Be Sailing, both of which are now sitting in my rep folder. Maybe I'll finally get round to listening to the Falsettoes trilogy.

On the way back, I listened to Tim Curry reading The Reptile Room, which was jolly good fun but I slept through most of it.

Finally, back in London, I put on Brontosaurus by Da Vinci's Notebook. I was shocked by just how slick this sounds. Not that many laughs for a comedy album, but novelty songs I wanted to sing along to. A beautiful recording of Wonderful World tacked on the end of the album.
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