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Where does the time go? - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 7.38 am, Sunday 2nd March, 2008
Subject: Where does the time go?
Security: Public
Location:Home, SE24
Work, mixtapes, Heavens, failure of Gloria Gaynor, hour to change, journey from hell, SCs birthday, easy journey home, pack?

More time necessary.

Album Rounds by four tet. Cracking.


Surprisingly chirpy morning. Bounced out of bed after two hours kip and made it to work in time. Spent the whole day making mixtapes as a mother's day present and wrapping SC's birthday present. Finally locked the door at 5 and changed into my kilt. Spoke to my father who mentioned mum was getting a new car, which has a CD player. Thusly, all the mixtapes were made redundant. Took the tube into town with the current PGDs who were comparing notes on actors and Loving the Lover.

Wood Green. Picadilly line to Kings Cross St Pancras. Change for the Northern Line via Bank, which isn't working. Picadilly line to Holburn. Change for the Central Line. Central Line to Bank. Change for the DLR, which isn't working. Central line to Stratford. Change for the DLR, which still isn't working. Jubilee line to North Greenwich. Bus to Greenwich.

Arrived at bang on 8 and was very early. SC had just finished her starter. Can't believe she's 40. (I remarked to someone "I hope I look that good when I'm 40. Hell, I wish I looked that good now.") EB and I collonised the party room and waited for the world to arrive. Lovely evening spent in lovely company. The great thing about S's birthdays is that there are a group of people who I see once a year and only once a year and they're lovely. We always have plenty to talk about, because there's always a year's worth of new stories. Left with NB. DLR (which was working), Jubilee, and 68.

Got home. Looked at the packing I needed to do. Listened to the rumble of my stomach. Ate a pie. Set my alarm. Fell asleep.

Album of the day was Rounds by Four tet. I'd seen this sitting in the dance section of (what was) Virgin Megastore and thought surely that isn't dance music. Thrilled to see it pop up in randomness the next day. It's wonderful. Flowing instrumental that I feel like I've known for years. When I came home I mentioned it to RTD and he said it's one of his favourites.
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