Robert Wells or Mr Waters (weaselspoon) wrote,
Robert Wells or Mr Waters

There you are!

Work in the library. In early, so I could leave early. Sat at my desk rattling off a bizarre sound design for a TIE show in Salford. Brief but happy talks with RS and AW. Anthony has decided to take the next three weeks off, which ties me into full time library work. So much for using lent to get stuff done.

Left at six and shared a tube with AK, discussing the horrors of showcases and the joy of the third years. London Bridge to East Croydon and the Warehouse Theatre for Edwin Drood. Everything I could have hoped for, even if some of the voices were a little weak. For the record, we chose Rosa as Datchery, Puffer for the killer and Helena and the vicar as the lovers. I wish we'd not chosen Puffer, as I know that ending already.

Then home and failing to pack and failing to not see the moon.

Album of the day was Esquivel's Space Age Batchelor Pad Music. Classic. Someone had just learnt about stereo though.

I'm off to Berlin. This LJ will return on Monday.
Tags: lent
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