Robert Wells or Mr Waters (weaselspoon) wrote,
Robert Wells or Mr Waters


Dragged myself out of bed early, and arrived in Limehouse half an hour early to find LF also early. Breakfast in a greasy spoon. Then to the Half Moon for a stagger through of ...Soapbox. Realise why I never do AV. From there to an unfortunate trip to Stage Electrics, and thence to the 503 (via a charity shop where I bought a briefcase containing a complete set of snooker balls). Shadow Language is now five days in to its six day get in and they're only just plotting the lights. Installed a wireless show relay in the theatre all with parts that happened to be lying about. Home. Work. Sleep soon.

Album - Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves. Reggae. Falsetto. The vocals are so high and gentle I kept losing them, but when I found them, really good. Another quite monotonous album though. Repetetive.
Tags: lent
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