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Sundays - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.09 am, Monday 7th July, 2003
Subject: Sundays
Security: Public
Mood:Still Tired and Emotional
Music:Morrison, Van - Moondance
Another day with little useful to say for it. Rocky Horror Show last night was a little disappointing and still fucking brilliant (that shows my high standards). Party at Susannah's. I think I was the last Mountview to leave. Met some more lovely randoms. Had a few come ons. From men. Grrrr. Talked too much. Got in at four, slept til 10. Breakfast, lunch, nap, dinner. Have been filing negatives but I now need some more files to put them in. Bedtime now I think.
I should start writing interesting stuff here. Not that I ever write interesting stuff anywhere else.
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