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Jumbling It Up old school - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.34 pm, Friday 7th December, 2007
Subject: Jumbling It Up old school
Security: Public
Location:Cank Library, N22
Busy times. Interesting times.

I'm still working at Mountview Library, beavering away. It's finally quietened down for the Christmas break now, which leaves me time to type.

In my new hat as Interim Technical Manager of the Theatre 503, I've been supervising get-ins and generally trying to make good, with some degree of success. The current show is Crestfall by Mark O'Rowe, which is pretty damned spiffy (three irish monologues of the same time and space from different perspectives [see also Tricksy]).

In my old hat as Production Technician for Jumbled, I've had another pair of Jumble It Ups in Oxford this week.

On the first dates bill we had:
Antione Fraval - Be Seeing You
Apparrantly inspired by The Prisoner, a man wordlessly draws out the squares of a chessboard as he walks through a famous chess game. There is something to be squueezed from this concept, but he hasn't quite got there yet.
Small Pond Theatre Co - A Short, Beautiful Life
Old school clowning, complete with red noses, with a green leaning. Largely improvised, which made it seem a little stilted and nervous, but watchable and amusing.
Little Wonder - I, You, She
Three women (Suzy, Sara, Katherine) give an elaborate set up getting the audience to choose one of them. Then they perform a biographical piece about that girl which keeps splitting off with bits of string ("but if I'd stayed with him, this would have happened..."). Unfortunately this would have obviously been the same story no matter which girl was chosen. Then a lovely conclusion from the quietest girl ("Please rate from 1 to 5 how much the others upstaged me, from 5 being "Who are you?" to 1 being "What others?").
Comic Character Creations
This happened downstairs in the interval while I was stressing about projectors. Remember kids: the golden rule of video projection is Don't use video projection.
Chloe Dechery - Useful Knowledge To Know
A lecture on False Friends (words similar in spelling or pronunciation in two different languages, but different in meaning ie lecture in English and French), including a cautionary love story and some lovely choreography. There is a lot of good in this.
Janine and Avis - Fidus Achates
Two women in matching red and white striped mini-dresses and fantastic hair perform a mime show with masks, apples and water bottles. I almost collapsed in a fit of laughing and lust during the tech. It was a short excerpt from a show and I can't wait to see the rest of it.

(The last show used the Black Sea Waltz by Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, which I then was humming until I got back to the bus, when it was the next thing to come up on random shuffle. I've been having a lot of that recently. The best was listening to Russel Davies while out walking, thinking it might be spitting enough to put up my umbrella and then hearing Singing in the Rain and putting it back.)

On the Best of Before bill we had:
Joanna Brown - We Will Mend On The Highways
In which Ms Brown attempts to make you cry. Tales of shipwrecks, the deep blue of the sea, and obituaries. She feels too tense in performance, but the structure is there. This show contains flour.
The Licensees - 10 Ways To Die Onstage
I've become a big old fanboy for Ed Rapley. There is the show, then the show as it was first performed, the dance of the entire show. There is water, and a paddling pool, and bizarre instructions. And a ladder, though it isn't actually a ladder.

All in all, I think this was the best of the JIUs. There was no one I wouldn't be happy to see again, no one I wanted off my stage, and plenty of people I'm waiting to see again.

Sorry to anyone in Oxford who I should have called, and anyone in London I should have called, but these things sap me somewhat. I'm exhausted and happy.

Off to the theatre tonight for a bill of one act plays. Sleep will happen somewhere.
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User: turpentinekiss_
Date: 10.17 am, Saturday 8th December, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Good to see you are still alive, and its nice that you are busy doing the things you love :)

I haven't been to the theatre in ages, but I've started writing for the uni paper and so I'm now reviewing plays, its nice to get back into it.

when are you back in Coventry, it'd be nice to catch up!
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