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Cocksday - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.29 pm, Thursday 11th October, 2007
Subject: Cocksday
Security: Public
I hereby pronounce today Cocksday. I think everyone seems to have had a shit one today.

On the tube to work this morning I witnessed something I have heard people joking about but never thought I'd see happening. Piecing what I heard and what I saw together, a man had his elbow pointing over the edge of the armrest where it was nudging the girl sitting next to him. She asked him to move it. He declined. She asked him in a less polite manner, with words ending in -ing. He, once more, declined. She gave him a slap and he punched her quite hard in the face. The alarm was pulled and at the next station, Vauxhall I believe, they both left the train (along with half a dozen witnesses) to be met by members of the British Transport Police. I saw a woman's nose broken in a fight over an armrest. When I left the train at Finsbury Park I saw that someone had mopped the blood up with a copy of the Metro.

When I arrived at work I found that we were out of paper. All of Mountview was out of paper. No photocopying. This meant I spent most of my morning explaning that the sign saying we're out of paper means that we're out of paper and thusly photocopying would be problematic. At lunch when my relief arrived and seeing that nobody seemed to be doing anything about the situation, I walked into town and bought a box of paper with petty cash. That should keep the library ticking over until Monday. I strongly suspect that the only person in Mountview who orders the supplies won't be back for a while and the drought will continue.

One of my domains has expired. This is part bad luck, part bad timing and part plain old my fault. By the time I realised this had happened, it was too late to renew it and I was advised to wait for the deletion to clear and then buy it back up again. I checked whois yesterday at 5 and it still belonged to me (albeit pending delete). I checked whois this morning and it had been purchased at 4pm yesterday. The domain hosts one of those dreadful "search" holding pages, which has a link to "Inquire about the domain". This takes you to sedo.de who ask you to make an offer in excess of £45 as "Premium domain names typically sell for three or four-figure amounts". If you attempt to bid less than £45 they tell you that an error has occurred and suggest you use their Domain appraisal service for a mere $69. I have cybersquatters.

The bright spot of the day has been Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass.

I hope you've had a better day, wherever you are.
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