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Details of the Mugging, for the record - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.29 pm, Wednesday 9th May, 2007
Subject: Details of the Mugging, for the record
Security: Public
Location:Cank Library, N22
Just for the record, I'm absolutely fine. I got mugged but it wasn't that scary even. Just irritating.

This is all they got:
Black wide brimmed soft felt hat (recovered on West side of park)
Phone (blocked sim and phone within ten minutes)
ABO conference bag in black nylon containing:
Lined pocket Moleskine brand notebook, two-thirds full
Equity diary
Dairy milk pencil tin containing:
Cheap biro
Chinagraph pencil
Pencil sharpener
6" rule
Nail clippers
Sunglasses that aliccat wouldn't talk to me if I wore
Sun Lotion
Brand new bright blue aluminium water bottle
Everyman paberback edition of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy with Mosaica card as bookmark at the start of Vol II Chapter II and dog-eared notes pages
Blue stripey imitation buff
DVDs, all burnt from TV, of Kombat Opera, Shaun the Sheep, Comic Relief and a BBC7 drama
Strange Brew, a mixtape I had borrowed from strongtrousers
Cheque book in a Midland bank cover
Phone charger
Zen charger
Zen AV cable
Zen Dongle (recovered)
USB cable
Envelope containing picture hooks (empty envelope recovered)
bag containing shells and a skull (recovered)
Some clothes and a handkerchief
Rescue Remedy sweets (tin recovered post-lawnmower)
Altoids sour sweets (tin recovered post-lawnmower)
Marks & Spenser curiously strong mints
Body Shop lip balm
Toothbrush in Charles Worthington branded holder
Colgate toothpaste
Moustache wax
I was mugged by a stereotype. A dozen black youths, all under 18 and smaller than me, wearing hoodies, followed me up the street, surrounded me, pushed me to the floor and grabbed what they could before anyone came. No knives, no guns. Then they jumped the fence into the park and ran off. When I shouted, people actually came out of their homes and helped and walked me home and made sure someone was in to look after me. I called the police, who came very quickly and drove me round the block and took a statement, but didn't hold much hope. The morning after I searched the park, found some odds and sods and reported the matter to a man who I now realise is Head of Ranger Services for Lambeth Parks.

I sustained a slight bruise to the upper arm.

I've come out a little bit more racist. I jump a little when I see young black kids in hoodies.

I've lost the mixtape and my notebook. Everything else is replaceable.

Aside from that, I'm absolutely fine.

Thank-you to everyone who has sent nice words. All very much appreciated.

My phone should be up and running by tonight, and then I'll start working out which numbers have changed in the last six months.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
User: spangle_kitten
Date: 5.48 pm, Wednesday 9th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I agree.

It's a true stereotype as well. It's just mad that if you say that black kids in cenral London who hang about in gangs and get away with everything because they say it's racist, it's you that's the bad guy *sigh*
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User: spangle_kitten
Date: 5.44 pm, Wednesday 9th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
You poor thing, how horrible, at least they didn't stab you.

Despite the nasty little thugs dampening your view on humanity, it's heartening to see that people can to help you, which has got to perk it up a bit.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Sun
User: weaselspoon
Date: 10.30 am, Thursday 10th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
and the nice lady from number 24 popped her head round the door last night to make sure I was OK. I do live in a nice place. Honest.
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User: ecila_etc
Date: 8.53 pm, Wednesday 9th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: in lack of knowledge of what to say...
*sends virtual baked goods*
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User: emperor
Date: 9.10 pm, Wednesday 9th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I'm sorry to hear about this :-/

http://emperor.livejournal.com/tag/contact+details if you want my phone number(s).
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User: dextress
Date: 3.16 pm, Thursday 10th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: Shame about the moustache wax
Of course had I kept the blue stripey imitation buff as I suggested then this woud be happily living in my wardrobe!

I am also very relieved to hear that you receovered the bag of shells & the dead bird skull which you picked up from off the beach. Shame about the moustache wax.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Moustache Twiddling
User: weaselspoon
Date: 5.40 pm, Thursday 10th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Shame about the moustache wax
Keyword:Moustache Twiddling
And moustache wax is a valuable commodity.

I shall have to go shopping for a genuine buff or two.
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User: missbunnypants
Date: 12.11 am, Sunday 13th May, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Reading that actaully upset me. Might be because im emotional (not emo) and severly hungover. But still...... very upsetting. Will kiss you all over your face when i see you next.
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