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The answer found, my life justified. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.11 pm, Thursday 26th April, 2007
Subject: The answer found, my life justified.
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Location:Cank Library, N22
The puzzle has been solved, without a single hint or tip. This means I now have to make a prize. I won't post the solution, at least not yet, and if anyone still wants to have a go it will be live here until another puzzle takes its place.

I went skiing in Italy for a week. This was a lot of fun. I attempted to post about it as soon as I got back, but realised my memory was already hazy. From discussions with my cousin, I think this was the summary (piste map is here:

Sunday morning, ludicrously early, to Gatwick Airport. There to Torino, and then by bus for an hour or so to Sestriere and the Hotel du Col. Settled in, acquired skis and ate copious quantities of food. Shared room 123 with ADE, hereafter referred to as The Monkey.

Monday went out to see if I could remember how to ski. Was shocked to find I could. Stuck to the blue runs around the button lifts and down to the bottom cafe, at the base of chairlifts 11 and 22. Finished the day absolutely tonking it down blue 19b, getting in two runs and the lift before The Monkey had finished one (he ended up 10m further down the hill than his skis, then proceeded to attempt to re-fit them with un-set bindings).

Tuesday went on to red 3 on Alpette, which after our first attempt became know as Andrew's Hill.

Wednesday was Sauze Doux, run 47, then back for hot chocolate and Banchetta. the ill fated trip down nonono and black 10, then KB (AKA Black 31 AKA the mens 2006 olympic downhill run), then red 1.

Thursday was bitter snow, one run down black 8 and one down red 3 and I was out.

Friday was lots of runs down reds 1 and 3, and lots of runs down from banchetta, including the one with the off piste. Then Karaoke, including Polish Interpretive Dance, and clubbing.

Saturday was moguls and off piste on 1 and 3. three fast runs to end the day (Black 2, Red 1, Red 3) when I almost crashed from exhaustion.

Sunday. Home. Sleep.

I went to see Attempts On Her Life at the National, which was an amazing Katie Mitchell How-Much-Vid-Projection-Can-We-Do? staging, although I've no idea about the text of the play. Always good to see actors setting the stage and working the lights and cameras.
That evening I went to see Satyagraha, or however it's spelt, at the ENO, which was a beautiful Improbable Lets-Make-Things-Out-Of-Other-Things staging, but the music, being Philip Glass is three hours and 5 notes long and the translated libretto takes up two sides of A4. Hypnotic and mesmerising.

Last weekend I went to see Sequins and Sawdust in a big top on the south bank. This was circus with a plot and was pretty darn spiffy. I was even more impressed when I realised that not only were the ensemble students, they were second years rather than finalists. I had my niggles, mostly about chronology and the lack of theatricality over the plot, but it was great. The wedding sequence at the end of act I with the girl in glasses and the long haired preacher performing the ceremony from the poles was divine.
Sunday I saw Myths and Hymns at the Finborough. Four Sundays left in this European premiere. It's more of a song cycle than a musical, but a talented, not to mention attractive, cast managed to bring out the overriding narrative arc through the relatively abstract songs. Watch for the guy playing Leander.

And aside from that there has been a lot of time spent at my desk here. Not an unpleasant thing really.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Conscienter Affirmo
User: weaselspoon
Date: 6.07 pm, Thursday 26th April, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Conscienter Affirmo
Your grammar seems suspect, but my links are fine. IT seems that the panoramicearth site is down, but it was fine an hour ago.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 6.21 pm, Thursday 26th April, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Very strange. IE was fine, firefox wasn't. Checked it, resaved it. Seems fine now.
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