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Meme from steerpikelet - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.12 pm, Wednesday 28th March, 2007
Subject: Meme from steerpikelet
Security: Public
What time is it? 22.03.
Where are you? At my desk, ground floor front bedroom overlooking Brockwell Park, SE24.
Why are you procrastinating? Because making a proper post seems like too much hassle.
How do you take your tea? Builders. (strong, assam-based, lots of milk, lots of sugar)
Just who do you think you are? I am an actor.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy.
What's your favourite smell? Old theatres.
What are your favourite films? The Maltese Falcon, The Producers (the original), Kissed (token obscure), Se7en, Big Fish (last film I cried at), Mirrormask (so beautiful), Baron Münchhausen.
Do you like chocolate best, or cake? Tough one. Chocolate. Chocolate is always good, cake is sometimes not.
What time do you get up, given the choice, and what do you do first? Lunchtime for tea and cartoons.
What are you worried about at the moment? That I am a drain on everyone around me.
What's in your CD player? Hello by Poe, Ooh-koo-leh-leh (my recent ukulele compilation), With Teeth by NIN.
Name three songs with good memories... Rhode Island as recorded by the John Pizzarelli Trio, That punk cover of Take On Me, Just The Way You Look Tonight.
...And three with sad memories. Creep by Radiohead, Blackbird by the Beatles, Torch by Kit and the Widow.
What time is it? 9.55.
Where are you? Librarian's desk, Mountview Academy, N22.
If you could see any band play live tomorrow, which would it be? The Bonzos. Gutted I missed the reunion tour. Of course if it was any band I'd have the Bonzos when Viv was still alive.
What's your first memory? Climbing the stairs in the first house we lived in, taking the door to the right to discover my brother using up all of the coloured paper in the printing set.
Who's your favourite poet? Leigh Hunt (for the simple fact that he wrote two of my favourite poems, even if it is near imposible to find anything else he wrote).
What was your favourite TV show when you were little? I have a strong memory of getting my mum to hurry home because I was going to miss Pigeon Street.
How big a part of your identity is your sexual orientation? Not much to me.
When did you first realise you were a bit odd? I've always wanted to be odd.
What's your best physical feature? My calves.
Do you like the way you look? No. At the moment I'm even hating my wardrobe.
When did you last cry? The last time I wept a sea was the night of Feb 16th/17th.
Are you a romantic? Yes, although bad at it.
Name three nice things that people regularly say about you. A brick. A gent. Thank-you.
What time is it? 16.15.
Where are you? Librarian's desk, Mountview Academy, N22.
What do you think about the country where you live? I'm proud of being an Englishman. I agree with Mikes.
What's your favourite time of day? The part when I achieve things, which normally is about 3am.
What's your favourite thing to eat? Good meat. I've got a pork belly in the freezer waiting for a good excuse.
What's your favourite shakespeare play? A student asked me this the other day. I'll always have a soft spot for Tony and Cleo and 3 Henry VI. Lear is great, but I can't now watch it without thinking of the nearly all female production that occured at drama school (both edgar and edmund were stunningly beautiful). Dickie III is always good for a giggle.
What's your favourite comedy? Black Books. Spaced. The first couple of series of Coupling I thought were genius. Currently trying to get through Green Wing. In plays, Not Now Darling, No Sex Please We're British and Noises Off, which should probably be watched in that order.
Name three guilty pleasures. Top gear. Punk covers. The geektasm that comes of completing a set.
Do you like Christmas? Normally yes. A lazy day with my parents is always a pleasure.
Are you political? No. I try and be true to myself.
Do you get on with your parents? Very well.
What do you wish you could be doing right now? Getting into costume at the nash.
Do you get jealous easily? Not particularly.
Are you a risk taker? No. I'm conservative unfortunately.
Name one aspect of your personality that you'd change. See above.
What super power would you have? Tactile telekinesis.
Are you shy? Not normally. I get quiet around large groups. You'll find me in the kitchen at parties. But I'll talk to anyone and I dance like a dervish.
What are you proudest of yourself for, this year? Lighting La Boheme.
When do you have most fun? In company where I'm comfortable.
What's your party trick? I dance, mix bizarre cocktails, finish what alcohol no one else will touch.
What's your catchphrase? At the moment the suffix -tasm, e.g. Peaktasm (in audio recording) where the gain is set too high and the meter peaks at every word.

Have you ever -
Worn drag? A couple of times. Never very convincingly.
Taken anti-depressants? No.
Been to India? No.
Been to Australia? No.
Been on a diet? Never a strict one.
Hurt yourself on purpose? Yes.
Hurt someone else on purpose? In anger I've thrown a couple of punches, and then always regretted them.
Experienced existential terror? Before I became an agnostic.
Been seduced by an older woman? Oh yes. *sighs*
Taken cocaine? No.
Considered suicide? Not seriously.
Told someone you loved them when you didn't mean it? Yes. And the moment I realise that I've done that is the moment I leave.
Not told someone you loved them when you did? No. Well, never to the point of regret.

Name one thing that truly terrfies you. Being forgotten.
How insecure are you? Very. I thrive on appreciation.
Are you an atheist? No, but only because I don't have the faith.
What goes best on toast? Welsh goat's cheese and some form of pickle.
Just what on earth do you think you are doing? Taking over the world. Slowly.
What do you most regret not having done? Too many to choose from. I am trying to live by the maxim that it is better to regret something you do than something you don't do, but I'm not very good at it.
If you could go anywhere tonight, where would you go? Scotland.
If you could be in someone's arms tonight, whose would they be? No comment.
What do you want to do before you die? Make people happy.
What fascinates you? Flocking patterns. Puzzles. Things that work.
What's wrong with you? I'm whiny and spoilt and lazy.
Do you believe in God? which one? Agnostic. One thing I picked up from A-level physics is that we can never really know anything. So I stopped asking questions that I know I'll never know the answers to. Sad, I know.
Do you believe in fairies? I wish I did.
Are you hopeful? It will all be well. Eventually. That's as hopeful as I get.
What time is it? 17.55.
Where are you? Librarian's desk, Mountview Academy, N22.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 6.57 pm, Wednesday 28th March, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Re: songs with sad memories - I can so thoroughly agree with two thirds of your answer, massive big big cuddles.
Some of your other answers made me smile though.
Badger x
"Are you an optimist?"
"I hope so!"
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