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Lighting Geekery - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 7.15 pm, Tuesday 20th February, 2007
Subject: Lighting Geekery
Security: Public
So I'm lighting this opera in a barn. I ask the guy who's building the set and rigging the lighting (Barry Cogger of Jigsaw) what he suggested for lights and then agreed to it thus reducing the system to a previously solved problem (that of turning up at a venue and lighting a show with whatever I can squeeze out of what is already there).

The rig boiled down to one piece of truss hung from a beam with three quartets, two linked providing a wash of the stage and one lighting just off stage, and a couple of 650W fresnels as spots. To this we added a 1K fresnel as a band light and a number of practicals (bandlights, fairy lights, a large glowing Momus sign). The stage lights and the 1K were then plugged in to a couple of dimmers beneath the lighting desk DSL corner at the front of the audience and controlled by a manual 12 Channel one-scene desk. Old school light organ time.

On top of this was a highly complicated and little understood houselighting system, installed as the venue is more used to weddings. For the record, It was a Mode Tiger TP-10-12 12-way dimmer controlled by a Mode Mirage Scenario MS-00-12 panel and a couple of slave panels, one of which only did "On", "Off" and dimming. This controlled uplighters on the walls, floods in the roof and pinspots on the beams in a variety of complicated pairings.

So having squeezed everything I could out of the limited theatrical lighting, I ended up having to have a minion outside the door to work the houselights and even getting (gasp now) a singer to flip the switch on some onstage practicals. All in all I think I got something special out of it all, and Kirsty really is so easy to work with. Having the colour mixing of the quartets meant that "can that get any colder?" had an instant response, and since it was a barn, their imprecision didn't hamper things too much.

Inevitably there was the slow fade for the ending, from full lighting, to stage, to just the dying Mimi in her chair in a spot, to blackout. However on the last performance something interesting happened which I'm probably the only person who saw. One of the band practicals was spilling more than before and as the lights went to black the shadow of the conductor was cast twenty feet high, about knee height to head, on the wall next to the stage. It was faint enough that it didn't show up with any of the stage lights on, but for the last 6 bars of the last performance I saw David Corkhill conduct Mimi's death, his baton pointing directly at the corpse.
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Robert M
User: borusa
Date: 3.46 am, Wednesday 21st February, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
OK, but where's the stuff for Mormons?
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User: gesserit_al
Date: 2.04 pm, Wednesday 21st February, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: associative experiment 8)
Can you help me?
I’m from Russia and writing a term paper and for the practical part need to question people from different countries.
Please, give your associations to the following words:
1- music
2- TV
3- Books
4- Cinema
5- Love
6- Friendship
7- Parents
8- Religion

To each word you can give several words-associations.
If you have an opportunity – please, ask your friends, too
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