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Round up - Oxford - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.44 pm, Tuesday 16th January, 2007
Subject: Round up - Oxford
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
Last night I had planned to do overdue email correspondence and update here. However it took me all of my free time to even skim my flist.

This time last week I was in Oxford rigging for 22 Death Scenes. I stupidly forgot to pack a phone charger, so sorry to anyone who was trying to get hold of me (especially dragophelion, I got your message at about 11:30 when I was having a night cap in G&Ds North). We lost drive in the Mark 2 Device between dress rehearsal and show, so I spent what should have been my show prep time rigging a modified Mark 1 Device (pictures to follow). Scrappy technical through the show, which I decided to once again run as 1-scene manual, Device worked well, audio recording buggered due to some idiot (hangs head) failing to turn on the phantom power. However the performance was a good one. The songs worked very well in the smaller space, the big speeches improved with the closer audience (the difference between 20 people in a 50-seat venue and in a 100-seat venue) and the ending certainly drew me in.

Wednesday was Jumble it up 2. Lots of running about trying to get video projection to work, eventually resulting in buying a DVD player. Note: if ever you intend to use video projection as an integral part of your show, you must be prepared to tour everything you need, from the source player to the projector to the cables. This one wasn't too bad but she turned up with a DVD expecting to plug her laptop in without checking whether the laptop had any visual ports at all, which it didn't. Show consisted of:
1) DRAMA, DRAMA. WILL IT BE A DRAMA? by Rachael Spence and Lisa Hammond.
Two girls apparently repeating whatever was said in their headphones, which apparently was edited from interviews with strangers regarding what kind of show they should do. Pleasant but didn't rock my world.
2) THREE ANECDOTES by Peter Harrison.
Gent comes out with low tech props and describes the show he is about to make. Friend of Augusto, who appeared in the last JIU. Lovely little piece. I liked what he was doing and how he was doing it. Remember You are closer to Jesus Christ than Superman.
3) PERFORMANCE OF A LIFETIME by Rhiannon Armstrong.
Pretty lady comes out with a tray slung at her waist (like an usher) and describes the performances she will one day create while making dough. My favourite. I had a genuine emotional connection to her descriptions of how to make the world a better place. And she baked the bread and brought it back for the next day and it was delicious.
INTERVAL (in which I broke a Minidisc player)
German woman describes why bread there is better than bread here. Includes video. Goes on forever. Lot's of varnished german breads which dent the floor when dropped.
5) BASE CAMP by Richard Kingdom
A torch-lit, balaclava-wearing, pipe-smoking, goggle-clad Empire-era explorer does weird shit with props. However, torch went out and what was to be a mute performance turned into audience participation with hilarious consequences. Genuinely fun to watch with a real steam train.

Thursday was Jumble It Up Extended. Leisurely get in, interspersed with a lot of books. Lucy Panesar's Bashfully British Book Balancing Boogie and Temple Theatre's Really Wild Show With Brian The Clown returned with longer shows, and I thought pretty much the same about them six months on and twenty minutes longer. My tech was a bit scrappy (sorry Paul).

Then to Madders where I ran into all the old OPH crew while with billbo. Between him and them, decided to stick about another day. Witnessed an interesting fight between a drunk gay couple and a drunker, camper landlord.

Friday I finished the get out, and realised quite how much stuff I would be leaving Oxford with. Bought more stuff, including two suits and a pair of spats. 6pm performance of the panto, with David "The Thwacker" Thwaites and his lovely lady, followed by the Cod, with just thwacker. Great panto. Hole ridden script in the first act, but very tight in the second, with an excellent dame. Might not have had the singing voice, but (s)he had the moves. The cod was great despite missing a lot of in-jokes. Then I got very drunk. I know I was drinking neat gin with a squeeze of lime, I know I danced to that punk cover of Take On Me and I know I fell over when I left because my bag was too heavy. There was no way I'd get on an Oxford Tube in that state, so I stayed the night with billbo, who had no power, and came back for a brief spell in the big smoke on Saturday.

To Be Continued...
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User: missbunnypants
Date: 7.32 pm, Tuesday 16th January, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Spats? Hott!
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Smug Moustache
User: weaselspoon
Date: 5.01 pm, Wednesday 17th January, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Smug Moustache
Girls will go bats for guys wearing spats.
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