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The New Year Round Up - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.11 am, Wednesday 3rd January, 2007
Subject: The New Year Round Up
Security: Public
Location:Home, SE24
Music:She's Like a City - Mutton Birds
Tags:meme, music
Another year down, another tentative footstep towards the precipice that marks the future.

The "First Lines" Meme

Happy New Year
01/01/06 18:43:00
Discovered this morning, scrawlled in chalk in disturbingly familiar handwriting, on a wall in a country pub in East Sussex:

(no subject)
03/02/06 23:50:00
I've had a really good few days, reminding myself how lovely my friends are and generally living it up a bit, and now, suddenly, for no reason, I'm hermitting.

01/03/06 12:35:00
I've just woken up. I woke at eight, turned over and had the most detailed bizarre dream.

House Party
01/04/06 16:32:00
There's a party, at my house, tomorrow. That would be a house party then, in honour of Oscar's birthday, although it doesn't matter if you've never met the chap, or me, for that matter.

Things to do
02/05/06 01:34:00
Too much alcohol - Check
Too little sleep - Check
Beautiful Women - Check
Numerous people called Cat - Check
Chips with salt and sauce - Check

(no subject)
05/06/06 03:40:00
So voice posting works.* (lj-cut In which I wank on about the Monroe Transfer's new album)

(First public text post. First post was a private reminder of a dinner party invitation list and menu. First public post was a voice post test over Gizmo.)

Previously on WoW...
10/07/06 11:29:00
It's been a manic fortnight what with one thing and another, and I for one have been having a damn good hermitting.

(no subject)
02/08/06 18:29:00
Back in Coventry for a wee while. If anyone wants to see me, I'll be at the old Flog and Dump it Dog and Trumpet on Friday night. I will dance a lot.

Ladies and Gentlemen
02/09/06/ 13:59:00
It is my birthday tomorrow.

Bizarre Thought of the Day
05/10/06 19:07:00
Have you seen Dr Strangelove? Remember the character of General Jack T Ripper, who goes mental and launches all out war on Russia?

Halloween Traditions
01/11/06 19:12:00
I have one big tradition for the night of Halloween which is being too busy to fulfil the Halloween plan.

The Wii, The Show and The Night
07/12/06 18:31:00
The Show last weekend was pretty damn funky. I got to wear my gayest clothing and beat my mate with a crop. I got to be knocked out with an enormous gold cock.

Does that say anything about me? I'm not sure. But It's fun going over the old posts. I did a lot last year. A lot of things I'd forgotten, or assumed I must have done before. Justifies my existence.

I've made some new friends and regained some old ones. Some have left these islands, some have left batchelorhood. And some have come from the strangest quarters. God knows how we're ever meant to face this world alone. I'm glad I'm not.

I normally scrawl drunkenly some Resolutions, which then sit in a post on here somewhere and never again get read.

Here are this years resolutions: I resolve to like myself more this year. If I only write one it will be easier to remember.

My other regular New Year Meme now seems to be to create a CD, normally as a Christmas present, featuring songs from and inspired by the year. A few copies have found their way out into the ether but for anyone who wants it now, here it is in .zip/mp3 format with a .JPG of the CD label. I'm afraid it's relatively low quality as most of the tracks were MP3s, were decompressed for editing and have then been recompressed to send them. If anyone craves a CD copy, please comment or email your address to MMVI at weaselspoon dot com.

MMVI - Songs from and inspired by the year Two Thousand and Six A.D.
Sleeve Notes:
1. The Avenue Q Theme from Avenue Q by the Original Broadway Cast
Which I have been to see twice already and will be going to see again by the end of the month.
2. Introduction from We Love Katamari by Akitaka Toyama
We Love Katamari is one of the craziest and most brilliant games I've ever played. It's the game that Nintendo should have made. The soundtrack is instantly recognizable despite spanning many genres and artists.
3. Trickster Starts A-Pokin' from Bums or Bust by Gogol Bordello
From the first Magic Mixtape I recieved, the excellent Bums or Bust, compiled by longbird. The gypsy punk sound is infectious. Kinda reminds me of seeing Mikelangelo at the Bongo Club this summer.
4. Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead from Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Susannah McCorkle
From 22 Death Songs, a compilation I made as play out music from the excellent 22 Death Scenes. It's a fantastic recording of such a classic tune, playing it as an upbeat jazz standard. Also to be found on This Side Up, my Magic Mixtape.
5. Credit's Entirely Due To Me from Florodora by the Concordance Cast
Recorded 22/01/06. You might recognise the first solo voice...
6. Ten Feet Off The Ground from Anthology by Michael Feinstein with Rosemary Clooney
From This Side Up. I found the original Disney recording while searching for Higitus Figitus, then stumbled on the Michael Feinstein recording while listening through the Anthology in search of good male solos. It made me dance out of the tube station.
7. She Don't Use Jelly from Transmissions from the Satellite Heart by Flaming Lips
Recommended to me by KAL as a response to track 8. It cheered me up on a very low day.
8. That Time from Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor
Thanks to Mr and Mrs F I went to see her in Edinburgh and she kicked ass. In fact, her bum had its own fan, it was that hot. If you can keep your eyebrows down when she sings "juicy" you're a cold man.
9. My Room from Musical Genius and Sex Symbol by Earl Okin
Finally got my hands on this album, which is a great slice from a legend of the stand up scene and an Edinburgh stalwart for many years. No one ever says the word stalwart anymore.
10. In the Upper Room 2 from Dancepieces by Phillip Glass
From Perfection, the JUW show at the ORL which I was in. This was the Art Collectors theme. Ambient and high brow.
11. Sickmonkey James from Perfection by Psure
From Perfection. This was my theme. James the wanker. It irritated the hell out of everyone but me. However you listen to it, it's probably too quiet. It needs to drill into you, make your heart pound.
12. The Distance from Fashion Nugget by Cake
This albums been kicking about my computer for years. Finally made it to my ears this year. This kept coming up on shuffle. Great for cycling.
13. I Put a Spell On You from the Price to Pay by Alan Price
From This Side Up. I had at least 5 recordings vying for my attention and this one won easily. The progression across the track got it in.
14. The Moon Under Water from Darkness at Noon by A Hawk and a Hacksaw
On a dark November evening, with the wind spiralling the ash around the fire, play this so loud you feel like shovels are slamming into your chest.
15. Journey of the Sorcerer from One of These Nights by the Eagles
From This Side Up. Possibly the most famous Eagles song, second only, maybe, to Hotel California. You do know this song.
16. Cans from Waste Disposal by Weaselspoon Enterprises
The SFX "song" of the cans. Sound Effects from a JUW show I was in where cans were repeatedly cracked, drunk and stomped.
17. Theme From Animal Magic from Cult Fiction by Laurie Johnson
From This Side Up. You search for "Magic" and you get some great songs.
18. Santa Baby from the Single by Eartha Kitt
From Stocking Fillers, the Christmas JUW show. My mate Gareth did a "lip-synching trannie" routine to this.
19. I'm a Band Leader from the Lost Episodes by Frank Zappa
I used this to describe a certain musician acquaintance earlier in the year. I'm not sure he's forgiven me.
20. Back Door Santa from Jolly Old Soul by Clarence Carter
Play in music for Stocking Fillers. How apt for a show about gays in a sex shop on Christmas Eve.
21. Rhode Island from Live in Birdland by John Pizzarelli
This is possibly my favourite recording of top of the pile in my repertoire. It rattles along beautifully, treading the edge of the patter song, but remaining a jazz standard.
22. Charming Weather from the Arcadians from the Nights at the Theatre recording
TH's, and probably SS's, favourite musical? Introduced to me some time after Florodora as The Show That Will Be Put On One Day.
23. There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do from the Songbook of Goldrich and Heisler
Number two in the repertoire, if I put it in a sane key. I sang it at Max and Louise's Christmas Party. This drops the patter song side of the fence but I love it. Goldrich and Heisler are constantly entertaining.
24. Das Hokey Kokey from the Single by Bill Bailey
Having seen Regina Spektor with Mrs Buss Snr I took her to see Beergut 100 at the Teviot and this is the little ditty they opened with.
25. If... from A Short Album About Love by the Divine Comedy
Again recommended by longbird. It's great, but no stories of my own.
26. Hallelujah from Like a Version by Clare Bowditch
Discovered when scouring the world for recordings of Hallelujah for Perfection. This was possibly the most original one I found. The rest sound much like the John Cale.
27. Mother (extract) from Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos
From Felt Effects, for which I was production technician. Good show. Lots of Tori in the sound design, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
28. Canvas Bags from So Rock by Tim Minchin
Finally got my hands on this album. Not sure if I saw Tim this year or last, but he's great and this is a great end to any evening's entertainment.
29. Gardens (edit) from Waste Disposal by Weaselspoon Enterprises
An edit of the interscene sound effects from Waste Disposal. Probably as imaginative as my sound designs ever get. This edit is a crossfade through all six iterations of a distortion on the ubiquitous BBC Garden in Springtime Sound Effect.
30. Twinkle Twinkle from electric old wire noise by the monroe transfer
The most perfect end to an album. See my rants elsewhere on this journal.
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User: missbunnypants
Date: 2.04 pm, Wednesday 3rd January, 2007 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I agree with her ^ about bloody time you saw what everyone else does.
Your resolution is better than mine, i've just given up food.

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