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Kraytsie Times - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.14 pm, Tuesday 17th June, 2003
Subject: Kraytsie Times
Security: Public
Music:Flying Pickets - When You're Young And In Love
What a weekend it has been. Feel really tired but want to write stuff so I can get back to this being full of drivel.
Friday: Travelled Coventry to London for a singing lesson which I then found was cancelled. I'd had to be on the 7.37 out of Coventry to be back in time. So I was understandably a bit tired. And I'd had to pay for a new ticket for travelling so early. So I was understandably a bit pissed off. Hung around college and went to pub, despite not drinking. Dan agreed that we'd go and seek out Insomnia at the Garage on Saturday. I told him to call me when he was up and about. Thought about going to Full Tilt, but with the promise of boogying on Saturday, went home exhausted.
Saturday: Slept in. Had a Sunday. I hate Sundays. Did very little of any use. Ripped some MP3s. Read the play that will be my finals. Read some monologues. Did my washing. By dinner I hadn't heard from Dan and was a little worried. Ate then called him. Dan was in Bedfordshire, accompanying his housemate to a gig. Stood up twice in two days. Went to find the club. Turned out that Insomnia was no longer running. Strange Fruit was on, which I should have gone to for significance sake, but I couldn't be bothered pretending to like the music I couldn't dance to. Went home depressed but then got a call from Oscar who cheered me up as ever. Slept like a log.
Sunday: Lazed. Worked on website (now back up, but still very much in development). Then had a long D&M over ICQ. Crashed out 6am physically and emotionally exhausted.
Monday: Woke at 9. Packed a small bag. Tube to Leicester Square. Picked up £35 of supplies from Gerry's. Walked to Paddington, still a little shaky emotionally. Called Susannah and had a sensible conversation about the displays of emotion in Dancing at Lughnasa and the relative merits of previous productions. Made me feel normal, perversely. Paddington to Chippenham. Tea with cousin Claire at her boyfriends place. Helped remove the dead goldfish from the pond. Chippenham to Bath. Dinner with Al. Met some lovely people and had a lovely meal which was good. Drank (which was bad). Reenacted what we were like as freshers. When it was down to just me and Al he cooked a fry up and gave me a tutorial in toric spaces, the subject of his PhD. And I understood what he was saying. Well, most of it. Until he got on to the practical applications. Crashed out to the strains of R4 some time around 4.
Tuesday: Woke at 8. Listened to the news. Al was already up and had written me a cheque for the vodke we had drunk. fool. Tea. Dressed and walked in to town. Found the Bath Knob Shop. I allowed myself an immature titter at that one. Met Claire. Picked up tent. Had tea and cake. Train Bath to Paddington. Realised I was never going to make the singing lesson I was rushing back for. Lazed into town. Home. Dropped off garb. Wondered into college. Hot chocolate with Martha. Again made me feel shockingly sane. Back to the flat. Pack. Tube to Euston. Train Euston to Coventry. Read wired. Arrived home to find the new Tigerlillies Cd sitting on my bed (vg). Dinner.
Now can I have sleep?
Pretty please?
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User: jessica_phoenix
Date: 3.14 pm, Tuesday 17th June, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Sorry if I upset you hon x
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