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Lovely day yesterday. Did some embroidery, ate some fish and chips… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.13 pm, Saturday 12th August, 2006
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Mood:tired and aching
Lovely day yesterday. Did some embroidery, ate some fish and chips and meandered into town and met badgersyndicate, who is more lovely than an incredibly lovely thing that's been covered in lovelyness. Exchange of silly gifts. Meander to the cathderal where we realised that in the Screen of Saints and Angels (the one where you can see the angel's bum, miss worzwick) the rows of trumpeting angels make up some kind of funky dance sequence. Nearly killed myself trying it. Wandered down to priory square and minnelium place and noted that the plaques in the time zone clock aren't in the right place. This means either they were very lazy when installing it or we've got some very good vandals who have unscrewed the plaques and switched them over. Please note Abu Dhab. Then for a swift pint in Whitefriars where we met the GazMann. Then I was going to find Clixon, but they had gone home by then. So we invented a game of pontoon darts, as we only had two darts between us. Then me and the Mann strutted our funky stuff into the Dog and Trumpet. Because I went with Garry and he knows everyone, I met some lovely new people and remet some old faces who I otherwise would have maybe nodded to at the end of the night. Hello My Name Is Jenny was nowhere to be seen. Danced so much. Gaz and I did the bouncyupanddownandjumpy dance to My Own Worst Enemy, and the hand in hand can can to Du Hast (which is a song which irritates me for many reasons). My Own Worst Enemy, Punk Cover of Come On Eileen, Sickness, Closer, Closer to the Edge. Danced so much. Found myself crying through Chop Suey. Finished the night with Boom Boom Boom and Reach For The Stars. By the time I said goodnight to Viren in the box, everyone had left. Went to see the angel's bum again and in a taxi at Pool Meadow. Still couldn't sleep.
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User: avaritia
Date: 5.17 pm, Monday 14th August, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Du Hast irritates me too *nods*

I can't remember when I last went to the Dog and Trumpet, praps you ought to drag me there at Christmas
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