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Tell me why... - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.56 am, Monday 24th July, 2006
Subject: Tell me why...
Security: Public
Location:CW library, N22
Mood:Monday morning
Music:The Young Ones by The Young Ones is going round my head
Grand show on Saturday night. Sold out to the point of someone sat on the floor through the first act. So many good friends in who I haven't seen in a long long time. Then quick get out and much alcohol. Headed home about 5ish. Bus to Trafalgar, bus to Brixton, bike to home (very naughty). Then a lovely walk through the park at dawn. Few hours kip then back to the theatre to get my gear. Hiked up Upper Street, then home again. Spent the rest of Sunday basically twiddling my thumbs. Oscar bought fish and chips (if you're reading this, your money is on the chest of drawers in my room). Early night. Fell asleep watching an interview with Terry Gilliam.

I miss them all so much. So glad I have work this week, or I doubt I'd leave the house. Although I wish I could have started tomorrow. I think every bit of my body that can ache aches. I think there might still be quite a slab of alcohol in my bloodstream too.

Edit - I also have a large bump on my forehead, which hazy recollection attributes to headbutting a vending machine and catching the corner of the return knob.

Further Edit - Hazy recollection also seems to imply that I scrawled all over something belonging to other Robert, for which I am very sorry.
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