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Previously on WoW... - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.29 am, Monday 10th July, 2006
Subject: Previously on WoW...
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Location:CW library, N22
It's been a manic fortnight what with one thing and another, and I for one have been having a damn good hermitting. People keep posting to their journals saying I'm giving up the internet, I'm going to go out and lead a healthy life. Well, I haven't. I've been using my computer less, but only because it needs taking apart at some point soon.

Show goes well. Varied audiences in size and style. I think we had Trisha's audience in on Friday. So far only reviews in are from Camden New Journal:

Perfection seeks out a successful relationship


Old Red Lion

Jane Wild

PERFECTION is a rom com, but before any of you not enamoured of the genre turn the page, it’s anything but saccharine.
Sharp, witty writing with an underlying darkness fuels this fast-paced look at our quests to find perfection in our romantic partners.
Sarah Fortune plays a feisty Meg, who lives with the knowledge she will die from cystic fibrosis.
Before she dies she invites all of best friend Amanda’s (Sarah Cowan) past loves to the funeral, forcing Amanda to take a hard look at whether her search for the ideal partner has destroyed her happiness.
The scene cuts back and forth between times before Meg’s death and after it, when Amanda revisits each of her ex-boyfriends to re-examine their compatibility.
Mark Lindow’s funny script draws no polite titters, but much hard laughter from the audience throughout.
For instance, at the funeral there is a spat between Amanda’s jealous former lovers.
Ex-boyfriend James (Robert Walters) is a wide boy mockney who mangles his pronunciation.
When he flippantly remarks “nice buffet” at Meg’s funeral, Taylor (Matt Prendergast) remarks with perfect comic timing, “Buffy, is a vampire slayer”.
But what really gives the play its zest is how scenes teeter along a knife’s edge, often tipping from humour into sadness or rage and skilfully back again.
All the cast give commendable performances, particularly Gareth McCherly as the suave Sam, and Sarah Cowan (Amanda) as the late 20-something, outwardly assured, inwardly troubled heroine.
There’s some improper behaviour by James (Robert Walters) near the end which isn’t quite believable.
But the play is sophisticated enough to keep the final outcome a surprise, if a rather sudden one.
Examining issues such as compromise, Perfection manages to easily make serious points about the necessary elements of successful relationships without the faintest sentimentality.

(I'm fairly sure I took that photo :o))

 and UK Theatre Web:

05 Jul 06:
A strikingly good black comedy from writer Mark Lindow, "Perfection" following the romantic adventures and vacillations of Amanda, a young woman whose best friend Meg is dying of cystic fibrosis. Concerned that Amanda's perfectionism (and apparent devotion to her friend) is blotting out her chances of happiness, Meg invites three of Amanda's ex-boyfriends to her funeral... The script is moving, troubling, witty and hilariously (though sometimes uncomfortably!) funny. The tightly-woven plot with its frequent flashbacks is a gem. The one-liners and moments of slow farce worthy of any comedy writer. For a smallish first-night audience we made an awful lot of noise. :-) I did have a few reservations: with some points belaboured (the vegetarian jokes did wear a little thin after a time) and some brushed over to an extent that is puzzling (how much did Meg expect things to turn out as they did?) and left me wondered whether there were deliberate ambiguities, or whether Lindow was failing to get across everything that he intended. Not even those slight reservations for Emma Blundell's flawless direction. Margaret Krawecka's entertainingly creative set (complete with adaptable cardboard boxes set into the wall, that open to form gallery spaces, shelves, bars...) also deserves a special mention! The best acting plaudits must go to Sarah Cowan's confused, complex, self-deceiving but still lovable Amanda, struggling to find happiness and the nature of true altruism. She is wonderfully well-supported throughout, however, by a cast that contains no weak links. Sarah Fortune is wise, gentle, silly and unyielding as Meg. Matt Prendergast brings a touching vulnerability to immature and self-centered Taylor. Rob Lockhart is both sweet and frustrating as the gentleman Clive. Robert Waters is constantly watchable as the funny, chirpy but profoundly obnoxious "mockney twat" James. Finally Gareth McChlery is a delight as Sam, the most well-rounded of the male characters, and a fitting foil to the women. The cast play well together, the comic timing is gorgeous, and there is a palpable chemistry in every scene. Highly recommended, in short. Expect to leave with a giggle and a smile and a lump in your throat, perhaps a little disillusioned with your fellows, but thoroughly entertained. :-) Elly Metcalfe
Score: ****

 (Cheers mirabehn).

Had a glorious day yesterday. Woke late, aching all over and had a long hot bath while listening to Piggy Paige on R2, singing along at top volume to True Love (High Society), For Now (Avenue Q), Me And My Girl (Me and My Girl), My God (Sister Act), Luck Be A Lady (Guys And Dolls) and Suddenly Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors) and drinking tea and eating hobnobs in between, although I had to stop eating hobnobs because the crumbs get in the water and you end up bathing in porridge. I think I just like the word hobnob. Hobnob hobnob hobnob. Then off to the show and supper with aliccat. What more can you ask for (that isn't illegal or immoral)?
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 3.47 pm, Monday 10th July, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Not at all. I've just been a touch busy.

I was going to drop you a flier in the post today. Any chance you'll make it down in the next fortnight?
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