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LNS - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.22 am, Wednesday 28th June, 2006
Subject: LNS
Security: Public
Location:CW library, N22
Music:random wank from below
Transcribed from a voice post unposted:
"There is something wonderful about having a job to do. I'm not too keen on my life at the moment, but when you're working, through all the love and hate, the passion and confusion, through the pain, suddenly the fog clears and all you are left with is 'I need a set of barn doors for a selecon. Now.' and you get them and you're happy and it is beautiful. That is what a 9 to 5 should be about... But then again, as a poet who is undoubtedly cleverer than I said, 'How can I be truly happy here when I know that I am only ever truly happy here?'"

In other news, the negatives are back from the major shoot, so the moustache has come off. I have lips again. Applications for the job of chief kisser should be addressed to insanebutpretty@weaselspoon.com.

I'll do a photofull post in a bit.
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Katie Reah
User: giraffeontour
Date: 9.23 pm, Wednesday 28th June, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Looking forward to the pictures! Am grounded in Bahrain at the mo- stupid ears got all pressure-y and I got offloaded from the flight for medical reasons. Am hoping I get given the ok to fly back on Sunday night. Is ok out here- have spent about 60 squid just letting my mum know I'm ok just not coming home (never call from hotel phones if you can help it!)Looking forward to getting off bedrest and hitting the souk, there is shopping to do and bargains to pursue. Will see you soon, love and jam .x.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Cartoon
User: weaselspoon
Date: 11.40 pm, Wednesday 28th June, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Buggering Jizmonkeys. How rude! Are you OK? At least you're somewhere warm! Call me when you're back in blighty. X
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