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So much booze. So much joy. So many beautiful people (two of whom… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.06 am, Saturday 6th May, 2006
Subject: (no subject)
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So much booze. So much joy. So many beautiful people (two of whom nearly came back to my place). So many near misses.

Why don't I pull? Answers on a postcard.
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Nick Metcalfe: Boudoir (mirabehn)
User: mostlyacat
Date: 5.45 pm, Sunday 7th May, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: Re: at the risk of being harsh...
Keyword:Boudoir (mirabehn)
Mmmm soft female flesh... ;-)
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User: thegingerbird
Date: 8.33 am, Wednesday 10th May, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: Answer on a Postcard
Well if two of them nearly came back to your place (at the same time or independently? A near miss threesome is even more impressive than two individual near misses?!) then I would say hold out for the third time lucky - the third time will be the charm, and you will have even more rampant rompings with whoever does come back to your place than you would have done with whoever the two blind deaf and dumb idiots were that you near missed. I am assuming they were blind deaf and dumb anyway, those being the most obvious reasons they did not take you up on an offer of a night's wild abandon. Or "coffee" or "a nightcap" or however you 'put it out there'. Or maybe I am just biased coz I've known you so long... As well as these people clearly not recognising a great guy when they see one, (you, I'm on about you, keep up!) I think the reasons for anyone not pulling are complex and always depend on the situation. In your case there are so many variables...

1 - Do you still have that huge grufty beard - maybe that scared them off?!

2 - Did you do your "evil laugh" coz that always used to give me a chill up my spine - maybe it gave the wrong impression?

3 - Did you wear the red coat as no-one could resist you in that...? Obv. you left it at home?!!

4 - Did you give them a quick shoulder rub, as a "taster" - if not then try that next time, they will be putty in your hands!

5 - Were you too (lowering eyelashes, bashfully) (ahem, erm, as if)...... forward?!!!! (No surely not!!) Asking for debauched S&M games for a first romp does scare some people off you know. Just some of them, mind you.

6 - How boozy and joyful were you? Perhaps your near misses thought you were too far gone to be... (how to put this delicately)... of any great use in the "come back to mine for coffee" department?

7 - Or maybe it was the other way around - how drunk were they, and is there a chance you were coming across all Tiggeriffic and bouncy and they thought they wouldn't be able to keep up?!!

I could go on, I have about another hundred variables, and this has only scratched the surface - but this is a pretty big "answers on a postcard" now - and I'm at work - so better leave it there (well you have a few reasons to mull over, for now!) so I'll speak to you soon!! Hugs x x
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