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Another fine day in CW library. Neil Scanlan studios over the way are… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.16 pm, Thursday 27th April, 2006
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Location:CW library, N22
Another fine day in CW library. Neil Scanlan studios over the way are having a clear out and I've acquired a very cute headless model of an animated character who stands about 7" tall and two full sized body casts, used in the film Munich. Aside from that, the day is slow and full of aprehension of getting them home.

Yesterday, having decided I could definitely have a lie in (i'd slept four hours the previous afternoon and was still knackered) A woke around 11:30 to find I had 9 missed calls from Anthony (Chief and beardiest librarian of CW) asking if I could cover for him as he is ill, Mountview (home of CW library) asking if I would be covering him, and my parentals (General freakish lumps of joy) asking if i was coming home to sort the broadband, and later, going out to work with my dad. So I dressed and packed and met my dad at the Empire, Leicester Square, hitched a lift home, fixed the phone network and the broadband, (for which my mother fixed my screenprint t-shirt) unpacked, repacked and got three hours sleep before catching the train to get me to work on time. I was in Coventry a little over twelve hours.

Understandably knackered.

Seem to be having an even stronger craving for tea than usual. When I have a cup of tea it tastes like the first glass of water at the end of the desert. At first it's too hot but by about a third of the way down I have to drain it as quickly as possible and pour another cup. Even the utterly filthy Fairtrade Virgin trains tea this morning disappeared siwftly and sweetly.

So much to do tonight before I catch the train to Edinburgh, the land of happiness and unknotted shoulders.
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